$1,997.00 USD

Grindaholics Rx Phase 1 Bundle

For the CEO who wants it all! Grab all 6 resource bundles at a steal!


Treats symptoms such as: 


  • Not knowing who to hire, when to hire, or how to hire
  • Needing tools and resources to help you EASILY lead your team well
  • Wanting a bigger ROI on your hires
  • Being able to take an extended leave of absence from your business
  • Your operations being an absolute mess that only you understand (kinda)
  • Needing fast solutions that can be implemented in 48 hrs or less

Side effects may include: 


  • Rockstar hiring capabilities
  • Operational clarity and efficiency
  • Distraction-proof direction and riddance of old behaviors keeping you stuck
  • Increased capacity resulting in increased income





  • The Leadership Kit
  • Zzz Pack 
  • Moms Magic Pill
  • Ops Fix
  • Vitamin V3
  • Full of templates, resources, and minimal video trainings



Directions & Dosing: 


Implement ASAP for best results! You will see a change within days of starting the bundle.


Keep out of reach of children.