$997.00 USD

Icy Hot Hiring

Build your dream team in record time and attract Allstar talent. Then, onboard them with class! Easy to implement and will change the way you hire FOREVER. 


Treats symptoms such as: 


  • Hiring bad applicants 
  • Rushed hiring processes that lack strategy
  • Constant turnover due to unclear roles
  • Thinking onboarding is simply sharing passwords *gasp*

Side effects may include: 


  • Finding the team members of your dreams
  • Ultimate confidence in your hiring abilities
  • Never posting "I'm hiring" on your IG stories again
  • Having a solid onboarding process that you can duplicate over and over





  • Job Description Template
  • Application Template
  • Test Project Template'
  • Interview Guide
  • Offer Letter Template and Other Email Copy
  • Onboarding Guide & ClickUp Template
  • 30/60/90 Day Training Template 
  • Discount On Contractor Agreement
  • Brief lessons to cover how to hire, how to interview, etc.


Keep out of reach of children.