$597.00 USD

Vitamin D


& the "D" stands for delegation. You may think delegating homework audits and prerecorded feedback for your clients is impossible. But it's not.

It's time to flex that delegation muscle and let go of that process that currently only lives in your head so you can focus on coaching your clients and getting more sales. 

Treats symptoms such as:

  • Overwhelm in reviewing client homework audits
  • Inefficient feedback process and client boundaries
  • Lack of delegation strategies for high level tasks
  • Feeling like audits are impossible to delegate because the process only lives in your head (or doesn't exist)

Side effects may include:

  • Streamlined client homework audit process
  • Efficient feedback delegation system
  • Empowered team members
  • Easy to implement training system


  • 30-Minute Training Reviewing Our Dynamic Process
  • Customizable Templates To Design Your HW Audit Training
  • ClickUp Tutorial For Training Process

Keep out of reach of children.