$297.00 USD

Leadership Kit


A non chronological order tool kit of resources to help you lead BETTER. 

Treats symptoms such as: 


  • Inefficient meetings
  • Avoiding those tough convos with team members
  • Lack of structure in your team members day to day
  • Not knowing how to use a project management tool to manage team
  • Overall lack of confidence around leadership



Side effects may include: 


  • Finally feeling like you can do this "leadership" thing
  • Effective meetings that move the needle
  • Knowing how to have developmental convos
  • Firing with confidence
  • Feeling good about using a tool like clickup to manage your team





  • Team building ideas
  • Meeting template
  • Work cadence template
  • Guide to tough convos training
  • Tutorials and trainings on team management 
  • Slack training


Keep out of reach of children.