$297.00 USD

Zzzz Pack

Easy to implement KPIs & SOPs so you can finally catch some Z's.

Helps to better manage expectations, keep a library of supportive resources for your team, and ultimately help YOU do less and lead more,

Treats symptoms such as: 


  • Not getting ROI from your hires
  • Team asking you millions of questions you've answered before
  • Lack of metrics in place to measure performance
  • Team overall not taking ownership


Side effects may include: 


  • Massive autonomy on your team
  • Team meetings where your team is presenting info to YOU and not vice versa
  • Processes being completed the same way (the right way) every single time
  • You finally feeling like your team can begin to replace you




  • KPI Creation Tool
  • SOP Guide & Template
  • Clickup Tutorials on KPI & SOP management (universal even if you don't use ClickUp)
  • Two under-20-minute implementation trainings



Directions & Dosing: 

To be taken with pen and paper for best results. This can be implemented in less than 24 hours with the right mindset. 


Keep out of reach of children.